Friday, 6 June 2008

May BJP : Serpent Wisdom

"Serpent Wisdom"

And so, this is my final page for the Bead Journal Project 2007. I'm a little late. it's because I didn't want the experience to stop. Ah well, I have enrolled in Bead journal Project 2008 so I'm not too sad...

In this page, I have made hints to the two powerful dreams I had in India. In the first one, I dreamt my favourite ring lost it's garnet stone and that I couldn't repair it. This actually happened a few weeks later during the month of May when I apparently lost the stone on the beach, helping my kids and nephews to build a hole in the beach - will I ever learn to take care of my things ? lol

Second dream involved a serpent who tried to kiss me. I was quite uncomfortable with this, as I kept thinking about Eve and Jungle Book Kaa. Then I listened to the wonderful audiotape by Clarissa Pinkola Estes In the House of the Riddle Mother. It reminded me that snakes and serpents are powerful archetypes that are found all around the World. Often (even in the Bible), they are associated with trees worship, wisdom, the Goddess Mother, spirituality, life (DNA)... Sometimes they come to teach us how to move gracefully through the ups and downs of life, says Pinkola Estes, as snakes are at home on earth, in water and even in air since they are able to jump. Wow. I recognised then that this dream was a gift.

Thinking back on one year of Bead Journal Project, I realized what a great year it has been for me. Since I enrolled in this project, I found the courage to do a shamanic retreat, and to fulfill a dream I'd had since I was a teenager ; going to India. This year I have grown as an artist (hey I said artist !) and as a person. Also I have met many wonderful people. It is a year to remember.

Last June, I was feeling sad and beaded a mourning Coyote. This May I was a little sad too, and decided that this page would be a pendant to the Coyote piece. Thus the mischievous snake wisdom. Also you can see in the page of motive from Robin Atkin's new book Hearts to Hand Bead Embroidery.


Sacredartist said...

I like this page...I especially like what you wrote about it. It is interesting when we find a different paradigm that totally shifts our present perception, such as you had with the snake. It feels as if we have awaken and stretched which I think surprises us.
I have enjoyed taking this journey with you this year. Thank you for being a part of my journey as well.
Your art work reminds me of Janet Bolton appliqué quilts.
I think that the spice hing or asafatida makes you dream more vivid dreams. It is found in Indian food.
It is nice to know that we are able to receive insights and visions and thus are cared for in ways that are not explained by science. We are not alone.

beadbabe49 said...

What a great page and the thoughts behind it are fascinating to me!

There's also a meme going around and I've tagged you on my blog...hope you can play!

(so glad you're staying on the bjp 2008 too!)

KV said...

Wonderful page and awesome post, Helene! Glad you will be continuing on with the next BJP . . .

Kathy V in NM

jacqui said...

Well done, on your journey of self exploration and hopefully it will continue with the next journal.

It really has been a year of discovery for so many of us and its been a real pleasure to share that path with you.

Your dreams seems to indicate that your creative drive has been put into full gear. The garnet ring had me puzzled but I think that indicates you might be worrying that inner self might be lost once this project is over, so take care of it, its a very precious commodity.

Hélène H said...

Thank you Beadbabe, KV and Sacred Artist. I also enjoyed sharing this journey with you - and I'm sure we will share a lot more in the future :o)

I'll definitely be testing Asafetida, I have some in my kitchen but never use it - who knows I might get more inspiration !

Jacqui, you are very intuitive : all this trip to India has indeed increased my creativity. I didn't give all the details about the ring. I myself am not quite sure what it means, except that it's powerful stuff...

Hugs to all.

vivage said...

Hélène, what great work you do. Love the India inspiration (I've wanted to go for years). And I love you did a snake for May, I did too.

I've had a great morning reading your blog.

Hélène H said...

Thanks Vivage, what a sweet comment ! I love your May snake, it is so subtle.

Isn't it beautiful to see how themes seem to travel between BJP members ?

I do hope one day you will be able to go to India, it's an amazing place.

Magpie Sue said...

I've grown a lot as a result of the BJP this past year too. Amazing what can come of concentrated effort in a nurturing environment.