Wednesday, 7 July 2010

BJP 2010

I am still working on the 2009 BJP - still missing a few months. It is very difficult for me to bead someting about the months where I felt so horrible. And I can't start 2010 if 2009 is not finished... same old story. However at the B&B show I met a new friend, a 70 year old lady from Florida, and she is a great coach !

After one year working on red/white/black, I have felt compelled to change. I took all my pieces out and realised that what I gained in unity in the 2nd year of BJP, I lost in spontaneity. My favorite piece ever is till the first one I did (the howling coyote). This weekend I am meeting my dad, back from a long US trip where he met a lot of American Indian tribes. Apparently he asked the jewellers if they would take a student (me ?). They said yes. Wow. Wait till I tell my boss ! lol

Anyways, I know that the 2010 BJP for me will be about blues and greens. And boxes. One's place in society. And maybe feathers. I have been wondering about feathers for more than one yar. Maybe because for the last 2 years I've been walking through a park to go to work, and have found many feathers on the ground. Then Jude of Spirit Cloth did a whole embroidery research about feathers.

Sometimes I wonder how "reality" is linked to dreamwork/arts & crafts reality. Today I read in the newpaper that scientists are worried because snake population is declining in Europe. They say snakes are a tough species and if they suffer it means many species are probably in danger of disappearing. I know that snakes and bees and frogs have been wery important symbols for mankind for centuries. All 3 are threatened species. Never mind biodiversity, what does it mean if symbols disappear ? (or is it past bead time for me ?).

I meant bed time of course...

Bead & Button show

Milwaukee was great... incredibly nice relaxed people and many talented people. It was thrilling to be able to see with my own eyes the work of the bead artits I usually read about.

Nice food, nice drinks... and a surprise : I was still following my friend the Monkey's trail (tail ?) !

Exotic sights (post office) - exciting !

A revelation ; I love metal work.
Lady in the background enjoying all the hammering is a psychology professor at University.

Disc cutting. Then dapping, piercing into earrings. I have had a fascination for copper since I was 12. Only this June did I start working on it. Bliss !

Metal forming : flattening silver wire

Shaping square wire into bangles

I am so happy I took all these classes !