Sunday, 21 June 2009

Bead journal Project Update

November 2008 - Skeleton Woman
First month after separating for the second time from the father of my children. Reconstructing. Work propositions.
Using Robin Atkin's ruffle embroidery technique.

December 2008 - Quiet Christmas
Using part of a made to measure Salwar Kameez and shisha mirrors from Chandigarh

January 2009 - Lightness of being
Snow, light, no pressure.

February 2009 - I love U
I went to India again. U became my lover.
U asked if I would consider marriage.
Using "ari" traditionnal Indian embroidery and Indian sequins.

June 2009 - Play/Marche
I went to a shamanic workshop. Did meditation work and drumming. Walked out of the workshop after a few hours with the two people I came with. Using textile markers as in workshop. Inspired by Marie's "Butterfly of How" and E E E E snake introduced to me by Acey.
Happy Solstice anyways everyone !

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