Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Pretty girl

This is a serie by Emilie - who is supposed to be ill... but left 9 messages on my mobile today (This is Emilie C, if you were available you could speak to me, unfortunately you're not...
...yoyoyo it's Emiliiiie)

Number 1 reads : Her namis Simone and she's veri nais and polit !!!
There appears to be little creatures in the flower bead.

Number 2 says : "c'est marcey. Li fé tré cho laba nous somes au pore de la ville" (This is Marseille, it's very hot down there, we are in the city port). It's a souvenir from her summer holidays.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Teach yourself Engrish

A friend of mine gave me this address. When I need a good laugh I go there...


Creative kids

This one is from Emilie

and this one is from Alice

I'm soo proud of my kids !

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Spirit doll

So this is my first Spirit Doll - made after the instructions of the American beading artist Robin Atkins (she's great). Making Spirit Dolls can be used as a support for meditation. They are always made as presents to our loved ones and are meant to bring them luck, love, fulfillment etc...

This one is for Emily, I think she likes it.

Grigri votifs

I can't deny sometimes my fridge is a bit like that....

So I asked for the protection of a Fridge Gnome ...

... and of a Kitchen Druid - hihihihi, they said ;o)

Friday, 12 January 2007


I now have a nice collection of "Bollywood" films (although the Indians hate this word and would rather people referred to the "Hindi film industry"). Ok, I admit my interest is partly fuelled by king Shah Rukh Khan - isn't he gorgeous :o)


But it is also an established fact that I have been a musical comedy afficionado for yonks. And I love fairytales and nice clothes. anyways... Everybody knows about "Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham" (La Famille Indienne), "Devdas" or "Veer-Zaara" which are commercially distributed in Europe. However my personal favorite at the moment is "Paheli", which I had to import from the UK.

"Paheli" is the story of a ghost who falls in love with a young spouse en route to the home of her husband's family. The father-in-law has organized the husband to go away on business as soon as the wedding ceremony is over. When the ghost learns about this, he take the appearance of the husband and takes his place at home although the puppets from the Banian trees warn him not to... At the end of the film the ghost will reveal his true name : he is the spirit of Love. It's a really nice colourful film, which reminds me of Kusturica's "Arizona Dream".



Bienvenue dans mon nid douillet

Welcome to my blog !
A souvenir from our trip to the Higlands ; this is what we found on our journey one evening where we hadn't found any place to stay, and just before we found the amazing Tom Doon hotel, hidden in the woods.