Saturday, 4 July 2009

March BJP (in progress)

March BJP in progress

Last year, I thought it was important to respect chronology in my BJP efforts. This year, I cannot do it, and I keep thinking for every piece alternatively "something is missing" and "I can't go on with this piece".

With this piece, still not finished, I am quite pleased because it is maybe the first time I really do improvisationnal embroidery. I am beginning to think more in terms of cloth and colours and textures, rather than in terms of illustration of a feeling/idea. Then, I am amazed to see the piece is more revealing (to me) like that.

I just started from the juxtaposition of two textiles I had, and went on, following the voices of the piece/materials. I know which beads are wrong for the piece because they make me sick.

In the first days of March I visited a town with a sacred tree dedicated to fertility, then left India and my boyfriend. When I look at the piece I can only see an empty bed under a tree, no lover, no baby. My first visit to India I did after discovering I will probably never have another baby. I see also Christian symbols (Holy Spirit and trinity), and it is amazing how the more I learn about Hindu faith, the more I understand the religion of my ancestors ; symbols may be different, but in the end all human beings aspire to the same things.