Sunday, 8 June 2008

My first me me

Local organic market

Beadbabe has tagged me to do a meme. I don't usually do these, they make me feel unconfortable for some reason, although I love to read them on other blogs... But Beadbabe's blog was one of my first favourite bead blog so I can only say yes ! :o)

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
10 years ago I was living in a country village near my parents and sister, and working as a part-time secretary for my dad (he worked as an independent). I was desperately trying to be a good wife, and a good mother to my 5 year old. I was part of school committees. I was a lousy gardner and housekeeper (still am). I read a lot of thrillers and detective stories, mostly american, and was an expert on Lara Croft...

2. 5 things on today's to-do list?

Well, I don't do lists, working as a temp, everyday is quite different and I change priorities all the time (thus the name of this blog Hummingbird's nest).

- Today, we all woke up early because my youngest daughter was leaving for a 10 days school trip.
- Next I started my intensive German lessons, 4 hours a day, financed by the region (I've been waiting for these to start since october 2007).
- Then I waited for my caretaker to fix the non existing aeration of my bathroom which caused two light bulbs to explode recently (I've had to hassle the landlord to do something about this for almost 2 years).
- I will definitely spend some time on the internet checking emails and blogs and trying to keep an eye on my eldest daughter's MSN conversations
- I hope to do some beading/doodling, if I can get off the internet.

3. Snacks I enjoy?

France is not really a snacking country, as family seated meals are almost sacred ! :o)
Lately we've had the tendancy to take aperitif while cooking the evening meal with my boyfriend. Usually it will be saucisson (dried sausage), olives, homos, tarama, red cabbage salad, spicy carots or other delicatessen preparations we buy at the local supermarket... and wine !

If I skip lunch because I'm doing something else, I will usually gulp down saucisson, soft smelly cheese (camembert), sometimes biscuits (but I don't buy the kind I like) with tea at 4 o'clock. i tend to drink a lot of herb teas though.

4. Things I'd do if I were a billionaire?

I'm not sure. I believe in collective action. I believe most problems in the world could be solved if we would all put ourselves together.

Maybe I would fund research for ecological and economical technologies, and the transfer of these technologies to emerging countries. Maybe I would also fund a society to encourage people to go back to old age medecine for the little sores of everyday (using herbs and massage and so on). But in a way I am already doing this on a very modest scale.

I also like Beadbabe's idea of doing an artist community building.

5. Places I have lived?

Fontainebleau, France
Paris, France
London, UK

6. Peeps I want to know more about?

I will try to tag somebody who hasn't already been tagged so I will tag :

Caroll Lenthall
Sulam Sayang (BJP 2008 member)
Sewing Magpie


Norazihan said...

Hi Helene, my meme at

beadbabe49 said...

thanks so much for playing, helene! I don't usually do memes either but I saw robins and decided I'd do just this one!
(and I just found out what the title of your blog means...I love the name!)

GraceBeading said...

Hi Helene - such an enjoyable post. Neat name for your blog. German, ah, I enjoy that language. I took classes for a couple of years and was so-so at speaking it, but better at understanding it. It's mostly gone from my memory now. I loved your snack answer, it's so different that what you might see here in the states and sound SO yummy! Wonderful though provoking ideas on what to do if a billionaire. I had a hard time with that - I've never had any 'real' money. I'm happy to be comfortable and able to pay my bills. Thanks for sharing so much of 'you'

Hélène H said...

My head aches from these first German lessons Grace, I can assure you ! These snacks are Jewish/North African mainly, and they are yummy ! I loved reading your piece.

Beadbabe, it was fun after all, thanks for allowing me to play !

Magpie Sue said...

I've done my meme :- )

I would benefit from learning to do without snacking... but I probably never will!

Tally said...

Hi, no I don't like memes. Because if I write the real important things it is too personal for the internet public. If I write only superficial I feel like faking.
But, yes, I will do it .... later.
Because it's you who asked *flatter* and it is coming from beadbabe, whose blog I also read sometimes.

Regarding the languages: It's a pity that we live so far apart. I would like to tandem with you. I prefer other foreign languages to french, but because I travel so very often to France or to french speaking countries I studied so hard for many years and in various settings - with just a little success. Not enough to feel comfortable not to mention being able to make a conversation.
German must be as hard, I reckon. Why do you want to learn it?

KV said...

Fun reading this meme post, Helene! Hang in there with the German lessons -- our youngest daughter had eight years of German, can read and write and speak as if she came from Germany. And it does come in handy for her once in awhile . . . like when they had visitors from Germany at the museum she worked for throughout graduate school.

Kathy V in NM

Hélène H said...

Tally, I understand how you feel about memes. Take your time, feel no pressure. Why do I want to learn German ? Long story. Family reasons, too long to tell, and also professional reasons ; I had to turn down 3 jobs last year because I didn't speak German...

Thanks for your support KV ! As my dad says, languages are always useful. And learning is always good for me :)

Sue, I'm really glad you accepted this tag :)



vivage said...

Hélène, What a great meme to read. I didn't realize you were in Paris and once I did it reminded me of the one week I spent there. I loved it and wish I could go back.

Oh and I wanted to say Hi to Norazihan! I'm waving at you!

006 said...

Very glad to know more about you Colibri :)

(so they sell traffic lights in your market ? how dou you cook them :P )

Selerines said...

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