Monday, 24 September 2007

September BJP

There it is... :o)
"Don't stop, breathe on"

Sunday, 16 September 2007

What I've been up to...

The kids got back to school almost two weeks ago, and we had to organize their room, and buy all sorts of things and organize their activities.

I finally painted my shelves...and Emilie arranged the sculptures so that Goethe and Schiller listen carefully to what Coyote is saying.
I also tried to do a jewelry pattern by Marie Le Sueur, only to find out at the very end that :
1. I used a thread of the wrong colour
2. I didn't read the instructions properly and the jewel is somewhat skewed :o(

I finally received the wonderful book "Amulets" by Sheila Paine and have done a special Spirit Doll for a special little boy. Here's the package as I don't want to spoil the surprise :o)

I was recently offered "Beading with cabochons" by Jamie Cloud Eakin, and I look forward to doing a project from that book in the next weeks. Plus I have ordered supplies to do 2 projects from Bead and Button magazine, I can't wait ! :o)

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Rock Art /Art rocks

When I got interested in Shamanism again, I first began to read about American Shamans. Then I found out that the word "Shaman" itself was first used in Siberia, and in a negative way. I began wondering what had become of the European Shamans. I had always though the modern Druids of Brittany were a bit of a joke. I suppose it's always easier to get interested in faraway places and folks than in our next door neighbours... :o)

Anyways, "from thread to needle" as we say in French, I got interested in the Barbarian tribes from the steppe and then on to the various invasions that plagued Europe for centuries and that produced amazing art. The Huns, the Vikings, the Celts, the Saxons... you name them...

True, our parents took us to see various archeological sites throughout Europe and it had deeply impressed me, for years I even told everyone I would become an archeologist when I grew up and play the lyra. And I have been strongly drawn to rocks recently (including graffitis). But yesterday, thanks to Marija Gimbutas, I found out about the site of Bohuslän in Sweden, which is protected by UNESCO and I'm really excited about this ! These carvings/paintings are 4 000 years old !

Both photos (c) A. Lecus Objectif Suède

While on the subject of rock art, I have read that C G Jung had a rock art phase while he was discovering a new way of healing people. I seem to recall that in his memoirs he claims that this saved him from collapsing.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

August BJP

"Step by Step"

So this is my August BJP. Let's say it's finished. My philosophy about the BJP is to learn and content myself with what I have done in the month, whatever the outcome. If it's finished, great. If it's not finished, I'll have to take the piece as it is and live with it. You may think it is a weird idea. But somehow for me it is some kind of a deal with Time. It's also a trick to fool my very strong inner critic.

During the month, a discussion took place on the BJP blog around the theme of baby steps. I have experienced that healing is a step by step process. I believe experienced artists when they say that creativity and art is also a step by step process. I know that I am still in infancy as far as creativity and techniques are concerned, and I am aware that it is the way, the process that is of the uttermost importance for me at the moment ; just creating one thing is a tremendous progress for me.

Going through one of my favourite magazine, I found out this summer that some of the earliest representations of Buddha are sculpted footprints (known in Art History as the Aniconic phase) and that even today these representations or "Phra Putabat" are objects of veneration.

Next to these feet, you can see a fish in water and a bird in a tree ; these are the three states of animal life.

It also happens that my first baby was born in August, 14 years ago.

This month I have been remembered to show my work in progress only to certain chosen people. Otherwise it somehow drains the creative energy from me. I have also remembered how mean I am with myself as I 've had great trouble with my cheap fabric and thread.

All in all it was a great experience. Now, on to September ! :o)

Saturday, 1 September 2007

One step at a time

I am very pleased and honoured to announce that I have enrolled for regular bead lessons with Marie Le Sueur until June 2008. Marie Le Sueur is a leading French bead artist and you can see glimpses of her work here for example.

My first lesson was this morning and I have done half a bracelet from one of her models which is called "Fireworks". Having run out of beads I have to wait a few days to finish it, which is terrible. However I am really thrilled as I have learnt a lot of things already.

I know, it is already September 1st but I haven't finished my august BJP yet. It is supposed to be about "one step at a time". I have done and undone a lot on it already. Here it is as it looks today. I'll tell you more about it's significance when it is finished...