Friday, 20 June 2008

Little Big Ego

Little Big Ego - June 2008

Most of the time, I try to be good. Sometimes I pray, sometimes I meditate, sometimes I reflect on my good points and bad points. Most of the time I try to act and speak in fairness, i try to control my passions.

Sometimes, it pays off ; I feel calm, centered and in harmony. Then I'm happy and I feel I'm a worthy person, that I'm making progress (where to, what for, that's another question).

However after each period of fullfillment I get visits from very interesting creatures. Their leader is Little Big Ego. He is somebody, very full of himself. He screams and makes scenes. He says nobody ever listens to him enough, nobody takes him seriously enough and so on. He is very big, and very melodramatic. He has only a head, and no body.

Over Time, I have learnt he really wants me to pat his hand and give him a cuppa. So I try do do this.

To draw him, I was inspired by a fabulous drawing by Sydney Sime (1867-1941), diciple of Beardsley, which I saw in London a few months ago.

(c) Sydney Sime, "The Wily Grasser"
Fitwilliam Museum, Cambridge


KV said...

I am extremely fond of Beardsley's work. The drawing by Lime is new to me . . .

Kathy V in NM

Hélène H said...

Hi KV,

You can learn more about him and other similar artists of that time here :

Click on exhibitions, then on past exhibitions : "The Age of Enchantment"

006 said...

Hello Hélène,
this will not be simple to say in english:
i like the idea you express here.
Describing yourself as somebody trying to be wise, but visited by some kind of childish ego.

In the same way i have to live with to faces of myself, one happy the other sad ...
Which one of the two i really am i don't know ...

I wish you to find your way, and you seem to be very close to it.

Hélène H said...

Hey, you can always post in French, 006 ! :o)

I miss your blog - I wanted to tag you hehehehehe :o)

Close to the way ? That's what my Little Big Ego whispers ! lol

I know what you mean though, about the happy/sad situation...:o)