Saturday, 1 September 2007

One step at a time

I am very pleased and honoured to announce that I have enrolled for regular bead lessons with Marie Le Sueur until June 2008. Marie Le Sueur is a leading French bead artist and you can see glimpses of her work here for example.

My first lesson was this morning and I have done half a bracelet from one of her models which is called "Fireworks". Having run out of beads I have to wait a few days to finish it, which is terrible. However I am really thrilled as I have learnt a lot of things already.

I know, it is already September 1st but I haven't finished my august BJP yet. It is supposed to be about "one step at a time". I have done and undone a lot on it already. Here it is as it looks today. I'll tell you more about it's significance when it is finished...

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