Thursday, 30 August 2007


At the moment I am fascinated by all the interdictions that seem to pop up in everyday life in my country. All alcohol beverages now bear a sign representing a pregnant woman in a "forbidden" circle. Each time you see an add on TV related to food or drink, there is a text urging you not to eat to much fat, salt, sugar and to go and get some exercise... One of the funniest message I saw recently was on a packet of British cigarettes : it said in very large black letters "smoking causes slow painful death" (well maybe I made up the "slow"). Well, I have to laugh not to scream. Health is important, but this is harassment. In this context, I was striken by the above sign, found at the entrance of the newest public garden in Paris. I must say I am not even quite sure what it is you are forbidden to do.

Fortunately, look what I found on the roof of the largest fabric store in Paris. It is Mr Chat (mister Cat), a street art figure that Parisians have been meeting here and there since 2000. His creator is called Thoma Vuille.

You can see more photos of Mr Cat here.

* * *

We have just celebrated Alice's 14th birthday. I gave her a simple stringed necklace with a medal for her zodiac sign and Swarowsky cristals.

Her little sister gave her this necklace, which she designed on her own. I helped with the focal bead. I think she did a really good job, especially as she gave up some of her favourite beads for this project.
I have been experiencing a lot of frustration with my August BJP page, which is about "one step at a time" and funnily enough I have finally found comfort in painting my brand new shoe cabinet in green and gold. Inspiration works in weird ways, doesn't it ? :o)

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