Tuesday, 4 September 2007

August BJP

"Step by Step"

So this is my August BJP. Let's say it's finished. My philosophy about the BJP is to learn and content myself with what I have done in the month, whatever the outcome. If it's finished, great. If it's not finished, I'll have to take the piece as it is and live with it. You may think it is a weird idea. But somehow for me it is some kind of a deal with Time. It's also a trick to fool my very strong inner critic.

During the month, a discussion took place on the BJP blog around the theme of baby steps. I have experienced that healing is a step by step process. I believe experienced artists when they say that creativity and art is also a step by step process. I know that I am still in infancy as far as creativity and techniques are concerned, and I am aware that it is the way, the process that is of the uttermost importance for me at the moment ; just creating one thing is a tremendous progress for me.

Going through one of my favourite magazine, I found out this summer that some of the earliest representations of Buddha are sculpted footprints (known in Art History as the Aniconic phase) and that even today these representations or "Phra Putabat" are objects of veneration.

Next to these feet, you can see a fish in water and a bird in a tree ; these are the three states of animal life.

It also happens that my first baby was born in August, 14 years ago.

This month I have been remembered to show my work in progress only to certain chosen people. Otherwise it somehow drains the creative energy from me. I have also remembered how mean I am with myself as I 've had great trouble with my cheap fabric and thread.

All in all it was a great experience. Now, on to September ! :o)


ACey said...

love the background significance of this piece. The buddha footprints are really gorgeous and I like the way you have made their inspiration your own on the journal page. I don't think your approach to the separate pages is weird in the slightest.

Hélène H said...

Well thanks, Acey. This piece taught me a lot about frustration :o)

KV said...

Hi, Helene -- I think your treatment of this journal page is quite special. The philosophies expressed here are even more special. I am glad I came this way tonight . . .

Kathy V in NM

Hélène H said...

I'm glad you came too :o)