Sunday, 27 April 2008

Innocent Tiger

Innocent Tiger (Jungle Spirit)

I am late on the Bead Journal Project ; I don't have the skills to turn my ideas into reality... Meanwhile I have made a Spirit Doll thinking back on the days I spent in India, especially near Periyar's Wild Tigers reservation. I have tried to render the high vibrations of the jungle together with some stories people have told me, as wild animals stay very clear from tourists :o)

She has two silver tags ; "power" and "wisdom", and a lucky bell. In the fringe there is a clove which is supposed to bring luck, a yellow exotic seed and an amethyst chip supposed to be good for spiritual energy. On her shoulder is a snake with a black tongue. This is a reference to a frightening dream I had in India, and to the Kundalini snake. I took a yoga class in the village next to Periyar, which had amazing effects on me and convinved me to start taking lessons again (well the teacher actually ordered me to do this). The Indian teacher was very kind to me, as I found out last thursday with my "sadistic" Paris teacher lol. Funnily enough in my new course, I met a woman who was in Pondicherry around the same time as I was there.

I am always amazed by the meditative process that takes place when making a Spirit Doll. This one brought back the intense pain I felt on my first days back home. But after a while, she became friendly though a little mischievious (she must be a friend of Coyote).

I will try to take better pictures tomorrow but I was impatient to introduce her to the World. I hope you like her.


KV said...

Oh, Helene -- this is wonderful!

Kathy V in NM

beadbabe49 said...

she's beautiful, helene...and as always, the story behind the spirit is wonderful to hear...
and I'm glad she's made you a bit happier to be home!

abeadlady said...

She is wonderful, Helene. Remember that BJP is a learning experience for all of us. Don't let it stress you out.


Koridwen said...

Whoaw! :)

C'est l'esprit indien que tu as rapporté avec toi? ;)

Elle fait très chamanique avec un style maya je trouve.

Tu es vraiment douée, je t'envie, j'ai toujours voulu créer de mes mains mais je ne m'y suis jamais mise.

Magnifique, vraiment, et en plus elle dégage quelque chose ...
Où est-ce que tu vas la mettre si ce n'est pas indiscret? Je la verrais bien en Dreamcatcher, au-dessus de ton lit. :)
Elle semble inspirée le rêve ...

Koridwen said...

Une petite faute à corriger dans mon dernier commentaire, je viens de la voir en publiant. ^^

"Elle semble inspirer" et non "inspirée".

Bisous! :)

Hélène H said...

Thank you, thank you, I'm so glad you like her !!!

And Arline thank you for reminding me that BJP is about fun and pleasure - I'd almost forgot ! o:)


Hélène H said...

Merci Kori, effectivement elle est à côté de mon lit :o)

Si tu veux, je t'apprendrais, la technique est très simple, et c'est surtout le coeur qui compte.


Tally said...

She is lovely. Yes, I like her. ***

I saved your posts on India for some quiter times - whenever they come. I want to read them in deep, because I have been to India and want to reflect with you.

In 10 days I will hopefully be in France again, yipeeh!
My magic hapiness is there - at least most of the time.

Hélène H said...

Thanks Tally. And I'd love to talk with you about India !

Meanwhile, hopefully, in ten days you will have only sun in France - we're using all the rain right now ! lol

ACey said...

I love this spirit doll. Every one that you create radiates so much vitality and special soul as well as spirit.

freebird said...

Very nice doll. It's wonderful you are so full of your trip to India. Evidently it was special; you'll probably remember it forever.

Hélène H said...

Thanks Acey, you make me blush !

I think you are right Freebird, it was a life changing trip, a trip that opened my mind and heart.

GraceBeading said...

Hélène - she is beautiful and says so much. I enjoy learning about what inspires you to create

I know when I'm working on a bead embroidery project - I tend to focus on thoughts of the person/event that inspired it. I have found it soothing at times and scary at times, but always healing.

Speaking of bead embroidery - I'm behind on the BJP too. I need to get started on March, April and May.

Hélène H said...

Thanks Grace !

I see that you understand me perfectly, even beyond the written words :o)

I really enjoy making spirit dolls, it's always a special adventure, and I should do more really... However I find that I have to dream about each one of them quite a long time before I actually start sewing/embroidering them, it's like the beginning of the journey.