Wednesday, 16 April 2008

From India with love

Thinking back on my Indian experience, I am convinced that most of what I lived was happening not in the ordinary reality but rather in dreamland or on the archetypal level. Ordinary reality, that kept me firmly grounded, was great physical discomfort and long driving hours with a maddening driver. At the same time I experienced many emotions and insights that cannot really be explained by what I saw or did. Well, I suppose I can see Coyote's paw in my everyday miseries leading to insights. I think it is just possible that one of my chakras opened up in the bargain - while I was in the jungle.

Anyways, while in India it came to me that this country is probably a Paradise for trees. There are trees everywhere, incredibly healthy and green, even when it doesnt't rain, plus many trees are sacred in India. Just have a look at these beauties...

Tree on the side of the road, Tamil Nadu. They all wear numbers for some reason.

Trees in Pondicherry's French quarter

Tea trees near Munnar, Kerala

Sacred tree inside Thanjavur's temple, Tamil Nadu

Tree spirit in Thanjavur's temple

Sacred tree hidden near the beach of Rameshwaram.


GraceBeading said...

Your trip sounds enlightening and I really enjoy your photos of the trees.

KV said...

Lovely photos, Helene -- trees are indeed most special.

Kathy V in NM

Sacredartist said...

I live near Redwood groves. Trees are amazing and we are still learning about them. One of the most moving account about trees is found here.