Thursday, 4 October 2007


Julie made me think about grandmothers. She reminded me what a loss it is not to know one's grandparents.

I asked for a dream about ancestors. I had a dream that included tears and clean bones. I guess this is another riddle from my friend Coyote. Though one of my grandfather had a serious bone disease.

When I was a child my mum used to say, "be careful, you must be good, some curses go on for 7 generations". I didn't know what that meant but it really scared me.

Today (thanks to one of Acey's hints) I have found the website of the Grandmothers' Council. There are little films to see here. It is full of tears and laughter. They claim that by taking care of ourselves we can also cure our children, our neighbours and our ancestors...

May you walk in peace.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Gotta say-- that DNA strand is about the coolest thing I've ever seen! Is that made with Swarovskis?

Hélène H said...

Hello Anonymous :o)

Yes, it's great isn't ? Unfortunately, I didn't do it, but it does look like Swarovskis. You might want to try the link under the picture...

aspiringcrone said...

Wow! Thanks for letting us know about the grandmothers.

I do believe that when we mend the fabric of the world that it travels both directions in the time space continuum - that in mending yourself you are mending your ancestors. This is why I take this work so seriously. There are a lot of ungrieved ancestors in my family and they are stuck until they are properly grieved and praised.

Martin Prechtel does some great work in this area - as does The Four Winds Society.

Hélène H said...

I can't explain it but it seems to make sense so I share this belief with you, Julie.

I know that some shrinks have theories about that too, one is called the crypt theory and is quite similar to what some people say about spirits : it's all about opening your ears and heart.

Anyways I've been working on that lately ; taking pity on ancestors I didn't like (they left a huge mess behind them). That has enabled me to open my heart, even if my head is still in the fog :o)

I'm reading "Secret of the Talking Jaguar" at the moment. I'll come back to you later about this.

Take care