Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ruth Treffeisen

Last week-end I treated myself to a porcelain doll workshop. Ruth Treffeisen, a wonderful German contemporary doll artist was offering a two day workshop to construct a reproduction doll from one of her moulds.

We had to scrub the uncooked porcelain, then wait for it to be fired at 1200° celsius for a night. The next steps included painting the face and cooking the face again, stuffing the body and attaching it to arms and legs, then assembling the face to the neck piece, adding the glass eyes, a carton on top of the head and a wig, et voilà !

Uncooked porcelain

Inside the head ; the glass eyes are plastered on

Painted face with cardboard top waiting for the wig

Finished doll

Artist Ruth Treffeisen in her workshop

See this blog for a step by step explanation of the construction of a porcelain doll.

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