Monday, 23 March 2009

Ha Melody...

This wonderful album by the great singer/composer Serge Gainsbourg was given to me by my first love. I was 18 back then and I didn't know that life was not only a big eternal scar. I was totally unaware of all the lessons that I was about to learn...

Gainsbourg died since and has not come back into fashion yet... But, boy, isn't he gorgeous ! and I really miss him. However, some of the songs are still painful to hear for me.

Anyways... Listen. Listen...

(Words translate roughly as "Ha, Melody, because of you I did so many stupid things... If you lied to me, I'll get really sick...")

And, don't ask why, I've seen my way to the next whisky bar and listen to this song about Paris all the time at the moment. Under the sky of Paris anything can mend... some people say :o)

Oh yes... it is almost April in Paris !

Happy Spring to everyone !


006 said...

another great french songwriter leaved us very recently.
I recommend to listen to this one:

(forget the useless picture ...)

But these people will never die.

bisou bisou Helene.
And enjoy sping in paris :)

Hélène H said...

Oui, très beau :o)

Ca va toi ?

Bisoux 006