Sunday, 18 May 2008

April BJP

"April in Paris"

Due to my little trip in India, I've had to do my March page in April and my April page in May, which I have found a little bit unsettling.

In April I was mostly in Paris. Well, April in Paris is supposed to be special and it is. However coming back from exuberant India, this month I had the impression that my country was washed out. No blunt colours, no strong smells, no noise, no constant sollicitation. In April I felt between two worlds. In April, I slowly managed to unwind and appreciate the subtleties of my home country. In April goes the French saying, "Ne te découvre pas d'un fil" (don't take even a thread off), meaning that the weather is very unstable, and it has been this year. In April, I've had great pain in the solar plexus region as well as various physical discomforts. Oh well, that's life...

The central motif is adapted from a kolam design, traditionnally drawn by South Indian women in front of their houses every morning to bring good luck on the family.


006 said...

"no strong smells, no noise, no constant sollicitation"

I can't believe you're talking about Paris this way !
I gotta go back there to check this !

( that only means that i never went to india of course ;)

Hélène H said...

Yes, for once I was working in a very chic part of town lol

KV said...

Well, Helene, I like this "quiet" page just as much as I loved your previous vividly colored one. April seems serenely romantic in your representation.

Kathy V in NM

GraceBeading said...

I'm with KV on this one. I like this page too - quite a bit actually. I adore the little heart bead.

Hélène H said...

Thanks KV, glad to see you back ! I hope you had a nice trip !

Thanks Grace, I'm glad you like this page and the litlle bead !


Sacredartist said...

I didn't know this about Indian people drawing motif's in front of their houses to bring them luck. And your BJP really has all the feeling of coming back to Paris.

I have been making some Indian pancakes for breakfast. They are very good.

Any Smith said...

Sometimes it's what you don't do that speaks the loudest. Beautiful work.

heidibeads said...

I love the calming feeling this piece has, just like coming home. I love Paris and have very fond memories of it. It's a beautiful place and so is your piece!

Hélène H said...

Thank you Sacred Artist, Any Smith and HeidiBeads !

coral-seas said...

Bloglines seems to have dropped you from my feeds! It has done that with other blogs before. I have a lot to catch up, when I have some time.

I was in India just over a year ago, it took me a while to settle back into my normal life after returning, I ached to return. India is a magical country, indeed.

But I have never been to Paris - yet!

Hélène H said...

Hi Coral-Sees,

Well, computers are a bit mysterious, aren't they ?

Thanks for sharing about your trip to India. When you come to Paris, we will have to meet !