Saturday, 29 November 2008

A glimpse of my november BJP

This is a glimpse of my progress on the november page. Not an easy month. I choose the fabric, and did the moon first (a japanese embroidery design). Then I stopped for many days. I opened Women Who Run With Wolves at random and find a scary story about a girl who gets her hands chopped off, but survives and gets stronger. Days later I envisionned the police outlines of corpses and thought about Keith Harring. I started the spirit doll body. Next day The Bombay terrorist attacks started. We hear that two French nationals were killed ; the founders of a delightful underwear collection that especially appeals to teenagers and young girls. This month's theme is about the freedom of women, the freedom to love and be oneself. The importance of keeping the heart alive, even under the ash of fear, hatred, jealousy, sorrow, contrary winds...

This page is still in progress. May peace be with you.


Aware N Alive said...

Such attacks on innocent people are a shame for entire humanity.

Camilla La Mer-Art Dolls said...

I like how you are incorporating the spirit doll body directly into your piece. It is also refreshing to hear your feelings about the bombings. Americans can often choose to remain anesthetized to world events. I was horrified to witness what was taking place. Even my friends who are politically active payed no attention...I am so glad that you are incorporating your feelings into this month's project. I will reread the story of The Handless Maiden...

beadbabe49 said...

It sounds like you're tackling some very difficult themes this month...I hope as you bead, you find peace in your can be so sad sometimes.

Hélène H said...

Thanks Camilla. India is very close to my heart. I could feel in my bones that there would be bloodshed in november somewhere on the planet, I didn't know where it wousd happen though. Then when these attacks started, I felt unwell before hearing the news.

It is like sometimes when I am deeply engaged in artistic/healing work, I am also tapping into a kind of spirit world. Especially when I am upset.

These attacks are horrifying also by the ideas.

Hélène H said...

Thanks for your good wishes, Bobby. Beading does help. I've been listening to "Black Magic Woman" recently, and thinking about you. Friendship helps a lot too :o)

Renu said...

I dont know what can be gained by killing people? and so far what they ( terrorist) have got.....a life without family and end by bullet someday somewhere.

Hélène H said...

Yes, Renu, I agree with you.

Tally said...

As you know I also have been to India, with only 2 but very intensive hours in Bombay, driving along the shore. One of India's biggest if not the biggest challenge is and will be that there are living so very distant societys so entangled. Those pictures of the money strip and the pictures (in my mind) driving through the very poor side on the way to the airport.
Don't misunderstand please: it's by no means an excuse!
I have trouble imagining people who make plans like that what happened in Bombay, in N.Y., in so many places.

I like your design very much. M myself thinking a lot of designing pieces with the moon. In fact a long time ago I drew a logo for "Tally behind the moon" or for "Moon behind the mountains".

Do you know the quilts by Shizuko Kuroha? Last Friday I went through her book and just went wow.
On the same topic I felt in love with some pictures of Max Ernst. Especially the one hanging in Basel in the Beyeler Foundation. There are some good Max Ernst in the Centre Pompidou, but I don't remember if on moon and dark blue background.

Please, take very good care of yourself and look for self protection. Your sensibility shouldn't hurt you.

Hélène H said...

Thank you Tally, I am moved by your heartfelt comment.It is not often that you give so many words, and I truly appreciate this as a great gift of friendship. I will meditate your words and definitely look for Shizuko Kuroha's work. By the way, I love Marx Ernst.

Thank you again for your good words that are very nurturing to me.

With much love,