Thursday, 26 July 2007

BJP - July page

"Breakthrough" or maybe "Coming out" (?)

I think I've finished my BJP July page. The theme of keys has popped up regularly recently. After several attempts I managed to loose my house keys with my lucky keyring (with a tiny Indian mirror). Then somebody was waving a key postcard at me at a party, then it popped up in a dream. I'm not sure I want to talk about this dream just yet though... Funnily enough all four fabrics were bought from the "Marché Saint Pierre" (St Peter's market), the well-known cheap fabric store just underneath the "Sacré Coeur" church (sacred Heart).

I began bead embroidery thanks to Robin Atkins. I fell in love with her spirit dolls and just had to do one. Then I read "One bead at a time", which is a great book. However something kept nagging me. Robin advises to take a piece of fabric you really like, to then sow a bead you like, and keep going till you are pleased with the result. I have seen many beautiful pieces done that way by Robin and other bead artists. As for me, I am incapable of doing so ; I get really upset if too much of my fabric is concealed. I have tried figuring out what this means... Is this something to do with lying, shyness ("who am I to improve this fabric?"), tightness ("I paid for that fabric"), reptilian fear ???

My first BJP page I wanted to do in bright colours against black, it didn't work at all so I changed my mind. For a long time I have been attracted to "molas", traditional Women clothes of the Kuna indians of Panama. It is a version of "reversed appliqué". I've tried to imitate one. My July piece has therefore also been a mean to meditate about "what do you choose to show, what to you choose to conceal". It is also about frustration and accepting my limitations. I've had a hard time with that metallic purple thread and that thin black fabric again. What I find really weird is that I have the feeling I already know this piece, and it's totally me.

Other threads of inspiration...

My daughter is a fan of the game Kingdom Hearts in which the hero fights with the help of a keyblade.

Nuremberg Castle

Church Door in Nuremberg

Buchenwald camp

Lesage embroidery

Silver jewel


ACey said...

this post is so rich with layers of meaning and significance. For whatever it's worth, I really like your July page. And I completely understand the reluctance to alter/cover fabric that you've selected because you love it. I have found it's like a lot of other things in terms of being much easier to disengage the more you actually jump off the cliff of "doing it anyway".

Hélène H said...

Thanks for your comment Acey, it means a lot to me.

freebird said...

Who says you have to cover the whole fabric? Knowing when to stop is the key (oops, there's another one for you). You are exploring the beaded page your way which is the right way! Enjoy it. I like how you appliqued and beaded around the pieces. I love bright colors too. Yours show up quite well on that black.

Hélène H said...

Well, thanks Freebird, I wasn't certain about that page. Your comment makes me feel happy :)