Tuesday, 22 May 2007

One of these days

At the moment I'm doing this utterly boring job in a big company. A one letter a day job (which I manage to mess up). I didn't think such jobs still existed. On my floor all offices are marked "boss of something". However it is quite well paid. So, some days I spend my days on the internet... Today was one of these days. After a while, surfing from one terrific website to another, to one creative blog to another, I had my first anxiety attack for months ; what the heck was I doing or not doing whith my life whilst more important things were happening all over the world ?

When I came back home, a child was howling ad lib on the subway "nooo, don't dooo thaaat". The child seemed to be on the verge of a major crisis. It lasted for ages. I began to feel very nervous. Then I began to feel nevous about my nervosity. Then the woman next to me shut her book and looked up, tearful, and went out. Another woman took her place, and very soon she had compulsive facial twitching. I had to shut my eyes in order not to scream "Can somebody do something about that chiiiild" (probably an echo to my repressed urge to sing "everybody dance now" in the face of all the dark suits this morning) . I thought about Corine Sombrun's last book about her shamanic experiences ; she says she can sense the energies flowing out of people, especially in the subway... Then a woman said something on the other end of the subway carriage, and the child finally calmed down. Then it was my turn to get out... I went to the local "Mercerie" which was about to shut, to buy a few ribbons. The elderly cashier was er special, and when I felt I had to tell about the child incident to apologize for my edginess, she replied "yeah, kids don't get enough slaps these days, don't they"... What a day !...


Estelle said...

Funny I was in a supermarket yesterday with a screaming child...for once not one of mine and the cashier had the same comment!!!! Nice jolly people aren't they;-)


Hélène H said...

Yes, its a slappy woorld ;-)